What is the Meaning & Definition of fat

Fat is a lipid substance of different type and characteristics, present almost exclusively in animal organisms. Fat is characterized by being composed of fatty acids and glycerine. Depending on the number of molecules in each case, such a combination may result in different types of fat, although the best known is the triglyceric fat. Triglycerides have to do mainly with the maintenance or not of good levels of health and therefore is one of the most important values to take into account when a body fat is analyzed. As has just been raised, there is diversity of fat, although we can divide them into two major types: solid fats and liquid fats. Normally, the solid fat is the most popular and well known, especially because it is that becomes more visible in the body or body of an animal or person. On the other hand, it is common to designate fats liquid with the name of 'oils' but this does not mean that they cease to be fat or more healthful.
Include different options of existing fat according to your level of saturation, its composition and the proportion of fatty acids, saturated fats (fats solid and harmful to health if they are present in excess in the body), unsaturated fats (liquid and lighter structure. Some of them become very important nutrients to the body. Dentro_de the unsaturated find also the monounsaturated and the polyunsaturated) and finally the trans fat (the most damaging of all to be artificial and generated through a transformation of its essential characteristics).
One of the main objectives of the fat is the conversion of its matter into energy that helps the body to function properly. It also allows the protection of internal organs to establish itself as a delicate membrane, as also the organism protection against weather conditions adverse. An excessive accumulation of grease will cause energy consumption may be enough to need to renew it and therefore fatty tissues grow and they are not reused. It is essential to maintain a good percentage of fat in the body carry out a healthy diet, exercise, and eliminating habits like smoking.
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