What is the Meaning & Definition of fear

Fear is a feeling that we commonly experience humans and animals and that is characterized by the deployment of an action of escape, of estrangement of the person, situation, or else that arouses the feeling, because clearly you are considered as dangerous for the life or the tranquility of the environment.
Then, the fear is a very unpleasant feeling and a good primary emotion that emerges in the animal or person in a natural way, spontaneous, before the minimum perception of danger or damage.
There is a physical mechanism that triggers fear and lies in our brain, the reptilian. Meanwhile, the amygdala controls emotions and cares about its location. When this perceived fear produces a response that may be to flee, halt or cope. Also, fear produces immediate physical manifestations such as: the increase in blood pressure, blood glucose increased, the heart pumps to greater intensity and enlarge the eyes, among others.
As with all the emotions and feelings that we experience human beings, fear, is one that most touched psychology with the mission to explain it, sort it, find their causes and also to minimize it in those cases in which its presence is recurrent and causes a real problem for the development of the person who suffers it.
Sigmund Freud distinguished between two types of fears, the neurotic, which is the one in which the intensity of the attack does not correspond to an intensity of real danger, while in the real fear fear dimension corresponds to the intensity of the threat.
Meanwhile, psychology, today, proposes, from the current behavior to that fear is something that individuals we have learned and by case are suffering from it. And by the side of the deep psychology, fear is triggered to an unconscious conflict that has not been resolved.
On the other hand, also, the word fear expressed in our language a suspicion, concern happening damage.
This concept offers a wide range of synonyms, also often used to express the feelings such as: fear and panic. Meanwhile, the word that is at odds is the value that refers to the courage that someone has.Article contributed by the team of collaborators.

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