What is the Meaning & Definition of figurehead

A figurehead is a person who lends his name, your physical person, or even his signature, to enter into a contract or make a business, but, in fact, both business, goods acquired, among others, belong to another individual by x situation doesn't want to be known or does not want to appear per is that business or purchase certain sale.
It should be noted that the concept of figurehead has a negative connotation because it is mostly associated with spurious, illegal or murky business.
The concept is so common and everyday because the print and audio-visual media constantly presents cases of this type.
The use of proxies often seen frequently in cases of people occupying public or political positions that cannot appear with their names in certain business or celebrate some contracts because they directly contravene their duties as civil servants and then to avoid appearing used figureheads that all they do is provide for their names, but in the reality of the facts they who perceive gains that become them.
Normally, to the figureheads is paid them an amount of money agreed so to deploy this role.
Worth mentioning is also the use of proxies is also the Mission of evading that justice in cases of illegal business or that they contravene any norm usually end more easily targeted by the courts. Thus, there is a figurehead, it is more difficult to check who is really the owner of the business in question.
On the other hand, the use of proxies in those cases in which a person is unable to act legally or commercial because on it weighs any complaint or opinion and then it is the most effective way to maintain their property and businesses away is recurrent naming proxies. Usually in these cases people of one's own family are chosen so that they decide as such or individuals in close trust.
Because of course, mostly, be illegal maneuvers requiring absolute commitment to the case reserve Yes or Yes.
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