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In terms of nerve, the earth can be worked and organized in many different ways. One of the most common forms in Latin America after the conquest and Spanish colonization was the hacienda. Today, in many regions are still settlements with these features (some fully operational and other used currently as tourist places) that are no doubt the brand of the Hispanic presence in these regions. When we talk about haciendas we should speak a form of the landowner's land. This means that a property usually consisted of a vast number of territories belonging to one person or one family. This has to do with the idea that to be conquered America, the Spanish divided their territories to your tastes, giving each of them the right to exploit large portions of native land. They were put in activity through different forms of work although in the majority of cases we must talk about exploitative labor forms such as slavery, servitude and other forms created by the same Indians to sort each other that were then accepted by the Spanish (as for example, the mita system granting a person people borrow for its activity and in condition of slaves or possessions).
The haciendas preferably engaged in agricultural work, which unfolded in their large tracts of land. As it happened in Europe during feudal times, hacienda in the American agricultural existed a central nucleus where established dwellings of the Lord or owner and all those constructions concerning their daily lives (such as parishes, places of leisure, etc.) as well as also relating to the production process (mills, silos, farms, stables, etc). The houses of the workers could also be placed in this area. Obviously, the buildings used for housing the Lord and his family were the most luxurious and developed.
Due to its size and the expansion of available land, haciendas became neuralgic points of any economy in Latin America and this has to do with the fact that, although it varied depending on the climate and opportunities of each region production, the quantity of agricultural products and in some cases livestock that were generated within a hacienda was undoubtedly of great importance to regional economies.
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