What is the Meaning & Definition of flight

The word flight has an extended employment in our language, meanwhile, used to refer to various issues.
Although, without a doubt, the most widely used reference is which says that you flight involves the action of flying and the consequence of that activity. Meanwhile, fly, who has the ability to do so, supposed to ascend to heaven through the air, keep it and move for some time.
Now however, it is important to mention that the flight may be materialized by a ship specially designed for this purpose, i.e., that has a series of technical conditions that are those that allow you to fly, such is the case of an aircraft, a spacecraft, to name a few of the most popular.
And on the other hand, there are some living beings, such is the case of birds, insects and some mammals such as bats who have in their nature the ability to fly thanks to a pair of wings that make up your body. The living beings who can move flying use this ability as well as for transfer for food, escape predators, among other actions.
It should be noted that the concept of flight is also used in the field of commercial Aeronautics to designate that trip that is traversed by an airliner, which can include or not scales in some city before arriving at its final destination, between the point of departure and final destination. The company American Airlines Miami-Buenos Aires flight is great because it allows you to reach each of those cities direct and without scales.
Normally the flights that do not have the above scales tend to be more expensive than those who have it.
On the other hand, in the field of the design of clothing we find a reference to the word that we are concerned given that there are known as flight to the amplitude or extension that presents a garment, such is the case of a dress, in that no tight-fitting part. The flight of that dress without a doubt is his soul.
And architecture also has a reference to indicate that part of a building that goes on the outside of the wall that has the Mission of supporting the structure.
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