What is the Meaning & Definition of fool

He is called normally stupid person or animal that does not respond according to appropriate or stipulated intelligence parameters. The levels of foolishness can vary greatly, with people just a little silly and others with serious intelligence problems. Usually the adjective of fool is used with persons who do not possess a very large disability, and which can be handled properly for the majority of things or situations. However, the term is considered a preferably colloquial use and with an important dye pejorative term is usually applied to people who do not show difficulties in his intelligence but that incidentally make a mistake or missing.
There are many ways to say foolish since this can be a term of colloquial use, each region shows different words or names. In some cases, words that are more aggressive and that can certainly be hard for sensitive people can be used instead.
But speaking of the concept in itself, we can say that the fool is the one who shows a relative difficulty to manage activities or common situations. For example, it can be considered silly to a person who does not know how to handle certain appliances, having difficulties to interact socially, etc. Many times, the silly Word also applies to people without any disability who make a mistake circumstantial, for example losing any item or money.
When you talk about more serious cases where it shows a clear incapacity to manage independently e.g. to dress up, go out, to buy or to handle also can speak that the person is stupid, but possibly in these cases will tend to make mention of the inability of the individual-specific condition as as mentioned, the silly term is colloquial use and does not striking or serious complications.

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