What is the Meaning & Definition of force

The force is the force or activity remarkable things, whether animate or inanimate. Because when something is made with force account with a special process momentum. Vigorous people, as refers to those people who have this capacity, have a lot of energy and act with an outstanding brilliance.
Juan began to recover after the operation characteristic vigour. Maria was defended with great vigour before allegations of his coworkers. The vigour with which you do things is really enviable.
On the other hand, the term is also used when wanting to give an account of the life styles and customs and force strength that there is in the laws and ordinances. The new law will enter into force once the Official Gazette publication. Unfortunately, the offer is no longer in force.
In addition, to the intonation or energetic expression appearing in some literary or artistic works is designated with the term of force. I will avenge me of it! -cried Maria - when learned that her beloved is finally married to her friend.
The term is closely related to sexual potency which holds a man and the ability to present satisfy your partner keeping a sexual relationship long or very often without that this decay your fitness. Generally, the lack of vigor in this case relates to the existence of a problem of masculinity. Meanwhile, there is a good number of drugs and natural products that help men who present a problem of this type in this sense.
And efficiency or the vividness that someone manifests in carrying out some task or activity, is also often designated as force.
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