What is the Meaning & Definition of foreigner

The word foreigner supports various applications, including... It was called the supporter of the liberal side in the Carlist Wars guiri. The Carlist Wars is the name which referred to the three Spanish civil wars occurred during the 19th century between the Carlists, supporters of absolutist proposal with Carlos María Isidro de Borbón, and the Liberal Party Government of Isabella II of Spain, daughter of Fernando VII.
On the other hand, in colloquial usage, the word foreigner is employed to designate that natural of a foreign country and not speaking.
Also, the word foreigner, when it is used with vulgarity by anyone, given account of that Member of the Civil Guard, i.e. this sense has a largely derogatory use.
And at the behest of Botany, foreigner also has a reference, because in this way is referred to as the thorny shrub belonging to the Fabaceae family.
It's a typical shrub native to Europe that can reach a height of up to 3 meters; its leaves show the uniqueness of being Trifoliate, in the case of those copies more adults are transformed into thorns, causing them to be of 3 cm. long.
The foreigner, blooms in the spring, producing inflorescences clustered on its axillary bracts that bear fruit in a tender and elongated sheath of reddish brown color. It is noteworthy that the guiri is a highly invasive shrub and it resprouts easily after being burned.
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