What is the Meaning & Definition of Gigolo

The word gigolo indicates that young man who prostitute women older than him to obtain economic benefits such as money or expensive gifts. I.e., the gigolo, also known in other cultures as scort and taxiboy, is a form of prostitution which characterized by males providing sexual services to other individuals and not only women.
To be noted, that the name gigolo comes from Italy.
While male prostitution has existed since ancient times, they are different references that come from the ancient Greece, concerning female prostitution, the male has been less studied and addressed.
Most of the civilizations of antiquity presented evidence of male prostitution, even more, the very same Bible offers us testimonials about male practice of selling sexual favors in Exchange for some economic benefit. For example, in Greece, the dubbed or gigolos, were mostly slaves, as consequence that prostitution who exercised had lost all civil and political rights.
Also in the Roman Empire and in Greece existed brothels male in which men prostitution was practiced.
United States, on the other hand, has also shown through the centuries manifestations of male prostitution. With urban growth and the advancement of the gay communities, prostitution in this territory started to be more visible in brothels, public baths and bars, in which men who sold liquor were also requested sexually, receiving commissions for this reason.
While today, male prostitution is characterized by its variability and their differences with respect to the female, because for example many men work as prostitutes because they do not have economic resources or employment, although, once they get a job immediately they drop out, something that is quite uncommon among women. In the upper classes, men who work as prostitutes do earning alternative and out of curiosity.
Internet, bars, bars, clubs, parks, notices, saunas and sex clubs are some of the areas in which it offers and demand today male prostitution.
And regarding the dangers and risks of it are the same as for female prostitution: violence, diseases of sexual transmission, links with the mafia and the world of drugs, sexual abuse, exploitation, among others.
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