What is the Meaning & Definition of gluttony

The term gluttony is used to refer to one of the seven deadly sins and one of the most common diseases of today: the excessive desire to eat and consume food in irrational manner, by the simple act of eating. Gluttony speaks of an exaggerated momentum and, as all impulse, not rational that makes the person look for a meal to satisfy their anxiety or stress but not for hunger or real physical needs of food. Gluttony is a cardinal sin as it is considered it excessive. Today is present in many different ways on diseases and conditions that have to do with the poor diet of persons and the absence of restraint when it comes to eating. We can say that gluttony is not an illness that necessarily has to do with others such as obesity or overweight. When we speak of gluttony we are referring to an impulsive feeling that leads a person to seek to soothe his anxiety, stress, sadness, discouragement, depression or other moods in the food. This search for satiation in food has nothing to do with issues physical need food to live but just an idea unconscious place in food the idea of pleasure.
However, the people who suffer from gluttony normally do not enjoy consciously what consume since they do it compulsively, without pausing to savor or to register the different elements that eat. The food is consumed so disorderly, overwhelmed and wild, without paying attention to issues that are normally related to the pleasure of food (for example, stop to smell the aroma, taste and enjoy the food pieces, feel textures, etc.). Gluttony usually ends up causing deep feelings of guilt and irritability since the person just falls on account of his conduct excessive once finished the event.
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