What is the Meaning & Definition of gram

At the request of the Cegesimal system of units or CGS, which is a system of units of measurement which is based on the centimeter, Gram and second, gram, symbolized from the small letter g, is the main mass unit. While so much in the metric system, which is another system of units of measurement in which multiples and the submultiples of units associated are precisely for multiples and submultiples of 10 gram, is also the unit of mass and also the force. Note that the Cegesimal system of units has already been practically replaced by the international system of units, although it is important to note that in some scientific and technical contexts continues to apply it with great success. This particular issue is that the International Bureau of weights and measures that regulates the international unit system (SI), effective today, acknowledged in their manifestos some equivalences of the CGS, making mention of anyway that discourages it use it.
The international system of units is the system used in the world, being the successor of the metric system. Among the great benefits offered by this system, which was established in the year 1960, is that the units that compose it are based on essential physical phenomena.
This system provides seven basic units that in turn refer physical magnitudes and is from them the rest. In the case that concerns us, the basic magnitude is mass, symbolized by the letter M, being the unit kg or kg.
Now however, it is important to note that the magnitude of the mass is an exception within the given international system that is defined by a prototype that is saved in the International Bureau of weights and measures. 10%, to Iridium is the mass of a cylinder in diameter with a height of 39 mm, an alloy that corresponds to 90% of Platinum and the rest.
Then, in the Yes, gram, will be the thousandth part of kg.
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