What is the Meaning & Definition of grammar

It is known with the term of grammar to the study of the rules and principles that govern and regulate the use of the languages and how the words should be organized within a sentence. But at the same time, the grammar, is in fact the set of rules and principles that rule in the use of a particular language, because every language has an own and exclusive grammar. The grammar is in the orbit of Linguistics and is divided into four levels: level sintactico-morfologico, phonetic and phonological, lexical, semantic and pragmatic.
The grammar is divided into several types that tell us much about their objects of study and their rules. The normative or prescriptive, grammar is that arbitrarily set standards of compliance for a specific language and of course scorn those constructions that are not standardized.
Descriptive grammar describes the current use of the language avoiding descriptive judging.
Traditional grammar is one that collects all the ideas that exist since the days of glory of Greece and Rome about the grammar. Functional grammar, offers an overview of the Organization of natural language that contemplates three basic rules, rules applying to each language, promoting the application of statements to the interaction in communication and compatibility with those psychological mechanisms involved when processing a natural language.
On the other hand, the generative grammar, offers a formal approach to the syntactic study of the languages and formal grammar, relates to linguistics computing-related agenda. Each language programming in the field of computer science is defined by a formal grammar.
When looking for the origins of the grammar we have to go so far in which the writing was developed. Meanwhile, a precise historical record is 480 B.C. in which appears a study of Sanskrit. In addition, Aristotle, Socrates, and other important thinkers of antiquity made their own and respective presentations on grammar.
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