What is the Meaning & Definition of Granuloma

Granuloma is a fairly common condition that usually suffer the skin of people and which consists of a rash that generates an inflammation. Its appearance is that of a reddish color sphere, typical appearance of an inflammation in the skin and basically its reason for being is the response of our immune system to attack substances or infectious agents that could not isolate or counter. Meanwhile, tend to be the physical manifestation of the presence of many diseases such as: tuberculosis, histoplasmosis, leprosy, among others.
This condition affects a large number of people, children, adults and young people, being more frequent in women according to studies. And often appear on hands, forearms and feet in most of the cases, although this does not rule out that it may extend to other parts of the body.
The main symptom that causes granuloma is just the appearance of inflammation with a reddish color and a mild itching in the area. They do not usually have additional symptoms to those already mentioned.
The presence of this type of manifestation in the skin you must have recourse to a doctor who specializes in skin, called dermatologist, you can study the case and if it is necessary to indicate some practice of diagnosis that confirms the picture of granuloma.
The most common is to make a routine in the area, which is then sent to analyze, or the realization of a measurement of potassium hydroxide, to establish whether it is a granuloma or infection caused by a fungus, which normally is the condition which is often confuse the granuloma.
Mostly it is it for aesthetic reasons, since the presence of these reddish inflammation on the skin, especially in well visible areas affects the patient. They tend to be indicated for treatment special creams or ointments. Meanwhile in more severe cases may indicate therapies with ultraviolet light and taking medications that Act on the immune system.
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