What is the Meaning & Definition of graph

In general terms, the graphical word refers to writing or printing and everything related to them. But also, by graphics, it means almost always numeric, data representation, while also can be figures or signs, through lines surfaces or symbols to determine their relationship to these interconnected.
Meanwhile, can occur as a set of points, which will translate into Cartesian coordinates and that they will serve to analyse the behaviour of a particular process or a set of signs or elements that allow us to decipher or interpret some phenomenon, among other issues.

We can find different types of graphs, among the most common and currents are: the numerical, used to represent the behavior or the distribution of a population quantitative data. This type of graph is manifested through Visual images. On the other hand, the linear, will represent values in two orthogonal Cartesian axes between themselves. More than anything this type of graph is recommended at the time of having to represent series over time, because it allows to display maximum and minimum values of a question.
Another type is the bar graphs, which can be used when you want to highlight the representation of percentages that forwards to a total. Bars that allow is the representation of frequencies and can diagram horizontally or vertically, usually, to represent the bar graphs are used called worksheets.
Then there are the pie charts that allow to observe those internal distributions of data representing a fact, also in the form of percentages out. According to the interest of what you want to highlight, what is done is to separate the sector corresponding to the largest or the smallest value. And finally, histograms, another type of very common graphics, that will be used when you want to represent samples grouped into intervals. Formed by rectangles joined some others, whose vertices of the base should match the boundaries of the intervals.
On the other hand, the graphical Word is also used to refer to when in a certain situation, you want to give realize that someone is expressed very clearly, almost with the same holding a drawing.
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