What is the Meaning & Definition of greatness

Human beings see the world that surrounds us and describe the reality through the words. In that case, the grandeur is a way to define a person who is admirable in its actions and gestures. A person who has a huge greatness is honest, sincere, human values, gestures that are an example to others. Extraordinary people are those that have a special gift, a great humanity, solidarity people that not only think of themselves but applied the philosophy of life to leave this world a better place than they found it.

People with greatness as relating

I.e., through their actions and their words they sow espranza, peace and faith to all who are around. Therefore, people with a huge greatness become a social benchmark that has enormous value transformer. They are leaders who leave a positive footprint in others, even apart from his absence.

On the contrary, the delusions of grandeur

From another point of view, it may also occur that a person has delusions of grandeur. This expression is used to refer to those people who are very vain and always want to be faking it to others. I.e., they are people who give more importance to having to be and live more earrings than tell others that their own discretion. People who have delusions of grandeur have a false image of themselves but also, may also be a bit artificial at times in assessing matters which are completely superficial.
At the human level, it should be pointed out that more greatness to good practice there is. I.e. make the good is a gesture that ennobles the heart. While a good deed humanizes even more one who carries out, on the other hand, a bad action limits the potential of a human being.

Each person is unique, and so should not be more or less than other

From an essential and anthropological point of view, should be to point out that every human being is endowed with an immense greatness because it is a being unique and unrepeatable with valuable intelligence, and also, will gifts. In addition, every human being also has the grandeur of an infinite capacity for self-improvement. But every human being is free and has the ability to choose between virtue or actions that are not good.
Greatness must always produce admiration but sometimes produces envy those who are saddened for the good of others.
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