What is the Meaning & Definition of Guerra of the 6 days

The six-day war was the sad war that took place in June 1967 (between 5 and 10 days) between Israel and the Arab coalition that was officially made by the countries of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq. Other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco and Algeria (all of them Arab) collaborated with the Arab coalition against what they considered was a threat to its territory. The war found several antecedents in previous years from the forced establishment of the State of Israel in the area of the Gaza Strip after after the second world war, as compensation for crimes suffered by the Jews at the hands of the nazis. However, this division and territorial organization was not intended to be peaceful because to achieve its consolidation is should rearrange the States existing in the place. The Israelite presence in an area composed of total way by Arab countries never ceased to be a suspicious item for these countries.
The six-day war began from the advance and the Egyptian closure of the Straits of Tiran, action that harms territorially, politically and economically to Israel. While this country did not agree with military action, he understood that the advancement of Egypt and the consolidation of the Arab Coalition wouldn't it another option if he wanted to maintain and protect its sovereignty over won spaces.
The participation of Israel in the war had as a result the emphatic victory over the Coalition, especially for telling this country with economic and military support from the United States. From various actions and strategies planned progress, Israel managed to reconquer the areas invaded by Egypt and placate their advance. While Israel should suffer between 700 and 900 deaths of its soldiers, the Arab Coalition lost 21 thousand of his men, thus making the difference between a country that acted individually against a union of several Arab countries.
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