What is the Meaning & Definition of guide

According to the context in which applies it, the term Guide holds different meanings. In general terms, guide means that or one who has by objective and end driving, routing and direct something to reach fruition in the question in the question. This kind of function that we just described can find it materialized in a person and some specific element that is very current and recurrent for most people.
The phone book, for example, we can describe it within the Group of elements that we mentioned, since it's a list drawn up by telephone companies or councils in each country that tends to help people contact number and address of those persons or companies seeking. In addition to offering data such as address, name and telephone number of contact person or company desired, these lists, which at first were offered in paper and now up to see them through the Internet, offer other widely useful for a community information such as the number of firefighters, police, hospitals , civil prevention, among others.
It is very personal and private persons, information as it is the fact of the address and phone of the place which live with their families and serving to guide it is a medium that anyone query and can access, is to be allowed the option of wanting or not appear in it.
But on the other hand, for example, for companies, a guide of this kind is essential since it will allow them to locate suppliers and professionals, as appropriate, and in accordance with the needs.
Meanwhile, also known as a guide to that person that deals with guiding tourists on an excursion or visit officials most characteristic sites of a city or region. Usually, speak the same language that these for so much easier understanding of the visit and will basically focus on tourists to know the cultural or natural heritage that are visiting.
Also a guide turns out to be that document led for example by carriers and giving account of the goods that are carried and allowing once completed the journey, check that all reached correctly and such which was sent from the place of origin.
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