What is the Meaning & Definition of Habeas data

The concept of habeas data has use in the field of law and appoints that constitutional law that can use and enforce any individual who has been included in a register or a data bank order enter it exactly and the information that exists on your person, and in the event that you believe it convenient to ask for deletion or correction if the information is false or is out of date. You can also use when you consider that over time the information is already obsolete or has completely lost its usefulness.
Then, the habeas data works for the society as a guarantee about the proper handling of personal data which are in the hands of third parties. Thanks to it be prevent abuses of privacy, for example, or correct data are not true and as such cause to the individual problems.
To put it in practice we can mention as case witness to the use of this resource of those public figures, actresses, models, journalists, political, among others, that have been affected by a poor or ill-intentioned information on some internet sites and by case have lodged this appeal to request that be deleted information directly either that it is corrected.
Also in the financial sector typically the application of this resource since a person may not only require knowledge of your financial history but know has been supplied to who it. And where appropriate the person may require up to that some negative data if that it has already passed a peremptory period should be removed.
In addition to laws and regulations that govern them have been created different supervisory bodies who have the Mission of enforcing the rules, i.e. monitor the treatment given in companies or public institutions to personal data. It is also usual be required them to them the Declaration of personal files to provide sample of transparency.
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