What is the Meaning & Definition of having

The word is one of the terms of our language with more references. We can use it in various situations and therefore it is one of the most used words.
The possession of a thing or the enjoyment of something manifested through the word have. We have savings in the Bank. That is, that the term is often used to indicate a relationship of belonging, possession, with respect to something or someone.
Also when someone has a certain mood or a quality it is expressed in terms of having. John has much joy, is ever grumpy.
On the other hand, the understanding or the containment of something is declared from this term: this juice has a lot of sugar.
And also the word have has an often used as a synonym for actions or situations such as: hold (the drug pulled it so much that it could not be raised), master (teneme rope), meet (you have my word that I will not say anything to your husband), receive at home (I have my niece at home this afternoon, I can not find me with you) judge (Laura is held by wise, although I put in doubt so much knowledge that says own) and estimate (I have much appreciation to my neighbor, too bad that moves).
On the other hand, the word have appears in many popular expressions commonly used: have well (have to do a thing), have some present (remember, keep in mind one thing this), have to do one thing or another person (the existence of a relationship of similarity between the two), have no where drop dead (not have economic resources) not have them all get (afraid).
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