What is the Meaning & Definition of hesitation

According to the context in which used it, the word hesitation may cover different issues.
When someone or something is moved without enough firmness and most likely until finally wobbling or giving rise to a type of oscillating motion is will tell him to hesitate. Vase hesitated a bit before falling squarely on the ground.
On the other hand, when something is not firm enough it should be in the place that is, also discuss reeling. The step hesitates a little when we step on it, we should fix it so as to avoid accidents.
Also, when an individual in a particular circumstance of life or well before an important decision which must be yes or Yes take shows with doubts, hesitation or indecision by not knowing which way to go Finally, floods it use to say that you hesitate before making the decision. My mother hesitates at each proposal involving the decision between two or more options.
On the other hand, in some places, the word hesitation is usually given as synonymous with getting drunk, i.e. when someone goes out partying to have fun with her friends and the idea is to drink a lot of alcohol it will say that he is hesitating.
And in the current language, the word hesitation may involve the take joke by someone or something and do it with a special irony. More it is better that you leave of hesitation at work, but you will be reprimanded by the head.

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