What is the Meaning & Definition of human life

Life is one of the great misteriores to the human being who gets a lot of questions related to this topic. A person may wonder why was born in this century, and not in another historic moment, why was born in a particular place and not in another geographical point or, why there is even when it may not have been never born. Such questions shows a reality: the transcendence of life itself that, from an intellectual point of view, cannot parse it only as an experimental fact, human lives with questions that have no answer.

Man and animal, separated by the intelligence

But also, although there are other types of life on Earth, for example, animal life, one of the big differences between humans and animals is that you have intelligence, will and also, consciousness. A person has qualities that allow you to make questions, reflecting on itself and ponder their fate.
Human life is not a property in the strict sense of the word, i.e., human life is given to a person but this has done nothing to have her. A human being is the owner and holder of various material objects, however, life in itself is a transcendent fact. A person does not decide when born, or either, when it dies.

Rating, take advantage and enjoy life

Life is a gift in itself, a gift that has date expiration. This is one of the reasons why it is very important to learn how to live in the present moment and not make assumptions of future from facts of the now. All human also feels more accomplished in your life when it shares its existence with companions of life (friends and family). The human being needs to feel recognized. This is another point that differentiates a person from an object. In addition, human beings have an immense dignity, a quality that is inherent in all people at any age.
Human life and the individual interpretation of what is life also can result in ethical debates as shown in the opposition between those who defend the right to life against those who defend abortion.
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