What is the Meaning & Definition of the hundred years war

The hundred years war is one of the most remembered historical war conflicts due to the extensive time that lasted and which takes be solved. Although the name speaks of one hundred years, the reality is that this conflict, which pitted reigning houses of England and France, lasted nearly 116 years, more specifically from 1337 to 1453. The war took place in different locations in Europe, but due to the fact that the conflict arose around the political power in France, most of the military clashes occurred on French territory. He is considered that of the hundred years war is one of the latest important events of the middle ages, being that many historians is understood as the final showdown between the different feudal lords that they prevailed at that time in Europe and that, after this conflict, they should enter into Frank decline against the establishment of the absolute monarchies. The war took place between two reigning houses at the time in France: the House of Valois and the Plantagenet, representative of England in some French territories. At the end of the dynasty of the Capetian kings in France, these two houses came into war to decide which of the two would be the triumphant and owner of power in one of the most important and wealthy of Europe territories. While the Kings of the House of Valois claimed the throne of France, those of Plantagenet sought to unify under his power the Kingdom of England and France at the same time.
The House of Valois had the support of numerous French regions and regions of other countries such as Scotland, Aragon, Castile, Genoa, and Bohemia. On the other hand, the House of Plantagenet added to their ranks the independent kingdoms of Burgundy, Aquitaine, Flanders, Navarre, Portugal, Luxembourg and the Holy Roman Empire. Needless to say that every one of these territories was intended to thus defend their own interests and eventually gain the possible victory of the faction which belonged.
He is considered that this war was one of the first conflicts in which the idea of nationalism began to arise and this has to do with the traditional conflict that then it would be up to now between the idea of the French nation and the English nation. In addition, this conflict, which ended with the victory of French (or of the House of Valois) and the expulsion of the English from the territories that were occupied, also meant the end point to clashes among various feudal lords and with this the beginning of a new era at the political level in which big national States would replace the atomized power characteristic of the middle ages.
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