What is the Meaning & Definition of join

The meaning of the word join forwards to that process through which two different elements form a common whole with a full purpose. For example, two partners can form a business, in that case, unite their forces, illusions, talent and knowledge on the occasion of a common purpose. Similarly, when a couple is married by the Church, the priest joins both through the sacrament of matrimony. A marriage can also be conducted through civil marriage.
In the family, a member of the family can also exercise of mediator to try to join two members who have distanced themselves as a result of a discussion. Join in this case, means to lead a meeting in order to achieve mutual understanding.

Friendship manages to unite people

Personal ties are also one of the most important forms of social union. For example, the friendship manages to join friends. Friends who are companions of life, people who beyond the differences, find fortresses on what unites them and they share with each other. Christmas also manages to bring the families as Thanksgiving Day is a very important celebration in the United States where families come together around the table with the purpose of giving thanks.
From the musical point of view, a choir is composed of people who unite their voices to interpret melodies. All the above examples show the importance of the word join in relation to the social human nature since the meaning of this concept helps us to realize that individualism is focus of frustration and loneliness. Conversely, the union invites collaboration and cooperation.

Join parts for a whole

From the pedagogical point of view, the children also learn the importance of the meaning of the word join when they learn to do puzzles, and in that case, discovered that by attaching each piece with its corresponding, a whole is formed.
When a vase is also broken, it is possible to use glue to try to join again the pieces broken in order to restore it.

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