What is the Meaning & Definition of keyboard

A keyboard is a device consisting of a set of keys that allow you to enter data and commands to a computer, computer, or appliance with digital technology.
It is called keyboard peripherals present in different types of digital devices such as computers, cellular, PDA and others, which allow to enter, through the combination of keys, data and commands for the operation of the same. Every time a key is pressed an encrypted order is sent to the device that plays a character on the screen, or run a command in particular.
A keyboard is made up of different types of keys: alphanumerical (letters and numbers), score (signs such as the comma, point, two points, point and comma and others), and special (function, control and other special operations such as capital letters). Often, the function keys are located in the upper part of the keyboard, being the most common F1 as a help command. Below is the keyboard numeric, main part of the peripheral. And on the sides, you can find other function or editing keys (such as the cursor). Finally, on the right, we tend to find special numeric keyboard to perform calculations and operations that require combinations of numbers.
A keyboard, then, serves both for input of content using a word processor for the creation of a written document, for the execution of programs and other special functions, and for Administration of almost all of the operating system of a computer.
According to the different languages, there are different keyboard layouts. The best-known is the QWERTY keyboard in Spanish also used with variants in English. A version more comfortable but not so widespread is the Dvorak. However, the distribution of the keys can be altered in most operating systems, allowing you to adapt it to different languages.
There are different types of keyboards. The most common is the XT or AT 83 keys, but there are also the expanded up to 104. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to provide comfort to the user, relaxing the position of your hands and arms. A multimedia keyboard, for example, includes special keys directly running programs on your computer. A USB keyboard is one that relies on this port for connection to the computer and is the standard used in most modern keyboards. Finally, a wireless keyboard is the one through which communication with the computer is given through infrared or bluetooth technology, avoiding the use of cable.

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