What is the Meaning & Definition of likelihood

The truth is a highly valued commodity in the context of relationships as shown in the value of sincerity in love or friendship. This truth also has its parallel in the context of art as shown in the concept of likelihood that can be used to reflect on the consistency that conveys the plot of a movie or a novel. In this case, a creative work is plausible when transmitting credibility in its history.

The truth in art

Why is the verisimilitude in art, for example, in a play so important? Because only in this way enhances the attention from the viewer that manages to have empathy with the developed plot. From this point of view, it is important to point out that something credible does not have to be true as shown by the example of those science fiction films that describe impossible worlds and they have been a huge box office success.
However, the work has a consistent structure, a well developed plot justified through a connection of ideas that transport the viewer into the story without having it be constantly questioning by the truth of the facts. A science fiction reader knows that there is a difference between fiction and reality, however, the reader sets a pact with the work.
The likelihood is important in any type of film or literary work but still more science fiction stories telling unrealistic facts, precisely because the viewer can be more skeptical with this type of history.

In the form of journal writing

In the case of those literary works describing a real event then also the likelihood that the author describes something that actually happened can be evaluated. For example emphasizes the likelihood that Victor Frankl describes in the book man's search for meaning of hard experience who lived in concentration camps. In this way, writing becomes a means to transport the reader to a specific reality.
There is a type of writing that enhances the likelihood: the naraccion in the form of journal writing in first person brings a greater intensity in the nuances.
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