What is the Meaning & Definition of Linden Tree (lime tree tea)

Linden is a tree whose flowers are widely used to prepare infusions such as tea, used not only by its aroma and taste but also to soothe a series of discomfort caused by irritation of the nervous system.
The Linden tree is native to the northern hemisphere, mainly Asia and Europe, also found in North America. It is very lush, reaching forty meters of height, blooming in July being used for ornamental purposes near buildings such as museums, cemeteries or even in parks for its beauty. It is also very appreciated by beekeepers since the Linden flowers attract bees producing honey of good taste and quality.

5 reasons to take tea Linden

Although there are several the Linden for the health benefits, these are the top five:
1 it helps to calm the nervous system, relaxes the nerves and lowering anxiety levels, these properties are responsible for its beneficial effects on sleep.
2 decreases the intensity of discomfort such as tachycardia, palpitations, abdominal pain and elevation of blood pressure of nervous origin.
3 improves the digestion of food, so its use after the meal instead of coffee prevents discomfort as the heaviness and the bloating continues.
4 you have a diuretic effect which helps to mobilize the liquid accumulated in the soft tissues causing swelling, especially at the level of ankles and feet.
5 it helps to relax the intestinal muscles, so it is effective to treat pain as cramping and abdominal spasms.

Non-medicinal uses of Linden

Preparations based on Basswood sheets, can be used topically as throat washings or tonics for the care of wounds and burns, is also very popular as an emollient for dry or irritated skin.
Lime may be used for cosmetic, applying the resulting steam from the cooking of their flowers on the face either placing infusion directly on the scalp as a tonic to combat hair loss. It is also available in preparations such as creams and lotions to be applied on the skin.

The lime tree is useful to improve the sleep of children

Some kids are very restless and find it hard to sleep at bedtime, in these cases, a part of infusion of Linden in the bathtub next to the water can be warm bath time and thus help them to make sleep more easily.

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