What is the Meaning & Definition of live

The living Word can be understood both as an adjective (as for example in the case 'I am alive') as it can also be used as a verb ('I live in Argentina'). In both cases, this word refers to the wonderful reality that is life, i.e., everything that follows the cycle of birth, reproduction and death. In the world known by human beings, living realms are one that consists of vegetables, one that is made up by animals (including human beings), which is composed of fungi and other three more composed of protists, Archaea and bacteria respectively. Anything that falls outside of these worlds and take place in this world will be considered as a non-living (e.g. rocks, salt, minerals, water).
In the case of the human being, the notion of being alive is especially important since man is the only one of all the living beings that is aware of such a situation, while others, depending on their level of complexity, may have greater or lesser feeling of life but never a full awareness of it. The human being has a process general of life estimated arrives up to around eighty years old, although the age varies with time according to improvements in quality of life, medicine and technology. This process of life involves passing through different stages of maturity both physical and psychological and emotional, making them three human beings becoming with the passing of time a being increasingly more complex and rich.
The expression of 'live' can be used in many different ways. But no matter what the field where used, this word is always loaded with a great emotion that relates the wonderful privilege of living.
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