What is the Meaning & Definition of medical visitor

The health visitor is a professional who is active transmitting information of pharmaceutical medicine professionals. Usually this type of activity is carried out by professionals in the pharmaceutical area, dentists, nutritionists, or microbiology.
The medical visit is carried out not only to private medical clinics, also covers public hospitals and outpatient services as well as pharmacies. Visitors are usually assigned to well defined routes and they must meet a visits programme structured according to goals established by the contracting laboratory.
In order to comply with their duties are visitors are trained in the pharmacological aspects of the product to promote, as well as aspects related to the arguments that should be used to win loyalty and boost the sale by the motivation of the physician to prescribe it, based on their characteristics, efficiency, price and strategy that so defined the Department of marketing of the pharmaceutical company sponsoring.
Medical visitors usually work only to a laboratory, and must be under the supervision of area managers and product line who must give account of their activities and their performance.

Activities carried out by medical visitors

Provide information. They are the main means of dissemination of information on new pharmaceutical products as well as existing ones, usually the pharmaceutical laboratories have visitors for each product line. The information is communicated orally, relying on the use of brochures or printed visual material or devices type tablets that add value to the visit. Many times visitors made delivery of material as pamphlets with information for patients.
Management of medical samples. Medical signs are as their name says a sample of the pharmaceutical product that promotes the visitor, usually supplied in packaging with few units of the product with the purpose that are delivered without cost to patients during consultation as early treatment.
Promotion. The visitors also provide information on promotions, discounts or loyalty programs products that make up his line.
Organization of seminars and conferences. An important activity is the transfer of scientific information to doctors which may be conducted during conferences in which are grouped to doctors in the same specialty to receive information from a medical specialist in the area known as speaker. The visitors also selected physicians who are invited to participate see congresses and symposia and carry out the logistics of enrollment and attendance of these doctors.
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