What is the Meaning & Definition of moral and civic education

The word timing is that is used is to refer to the phenomenon of give time or manage time something. The timing is a completely abstract concept generated by man to control and better organize time, always done in numerical or quantitative terms so it is artificial being nature and the other kingdoms who live not arranged on defined or exact times if not more or less lax cycles. The timing then has to do with the notion of dates, hours, minutes, and other elements that serve to organize the temporary space in a more recognizable way.
The idea of timing is used in many areas that control the time you dedicated to something vitally important. This is so since temporalized something or give you a definite time, can be organized better elements such as objectives, results, changes or tampering, the methodologies of behavior or action, etc. Whenever he speaks of projects or plan the time there is talk of one way or another of moral and civic education.
One of the clearest cases of moral and civic education is in education, when teachers or teachers should prepare and present moral and civic education projects involving mark and establish dates of fulfillment of content to teach, as well as objectives, strategies, assessments and possible alterations. Educational timing is also known as planning and that serves for the teacher or Professor rinse in your head or in writing how will be the work of the academic year in which it is located. In general, these temporalizaciones must be made at the beginning of the school year and many times, for different reasons, are subject to change which must be taken into account to be able to move forward.
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