What is the Meaning & Definition of neighbor

Person who lives in a house next to ours

The concept of neighbor has a recurrent use in our language and case is a very familiar term for all. He has several senses, although undoubtedly the most widely used is that referred to a person who lives in the same building, adjoining House or neighborhood, but in independent housing. I.e., the neighbor is that very next inhabitant with respect to the place in which we live.
Then, to make someone of another neighbor should live in close geographic locations.

Neighbors tend to interact by common purpose and ensure their interest

Usually, people tend to establish ties of friendship and good relations with neighbors not only to live harmoniously in the building or neighborhood, but also because this proximity brings us many times having to interact with common goals.
Relations with neighbours, especially in apartment buildings where common areas are shared are necessary and inevitable. Consortium meetings are formal space in which the residents of the buildings gather to discuss issues inherent in coexistence and tasks to perform.
In the neighborhoods, they tend to create organizations of neighbors to protect and look after the interests of the locality in question. Normally dealing with understanding on problems with the arrival of basic services such as electricity and gas, of safety and cleanliness, among others.
Also, many informal relationships of the neighbors who become friends because of that closeness and tend to help and accompany you at times and needs.
And we can not ignore that there are many cases in which relations with neighbors are not friendly, and even more so, are characterized by a tremendous violence and confrontation. This situation occurs especially when a neighbor does not respect the rules of coexistence with the rest of their peers, and then it creates inevitable friction that in many cases can reach physical violence or the beginning of a court case.

Close or similar

On the other hand, the concept of neighbor is used to refer to something that is close, close or that is similar or similar in some aspect. Argentina is neighboring Uruguay because their territories are very close geographically. This same situation occurs with the provinces of a nation.
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