What is the Meaning & Definition of network card

It means network card to the device which allows to connect different devices with each other and through that connection gives them the possibility of sharing and transferring data and information from a device to another. Usually, network cards are used in computing
(Also known as a network adapter) network card can be external or internal. I.e., be inserted into the motherboard but there is also the possibility of connecting a network card to a computer externally from the use of the corresponding slots. These cards are very useful hardware enabling you to establish different types of connections (permanent or temporary) between one or more computers, thus facilitating the use, transfer and access to essential materials.
Nowadays different types of network cards are on the market. Some of them are more popular than others and this has to do with the type of material used as well as the efficiency of its functioning almost exclusively. In this sense, cards that use the Ethernet system are the most popular since they acquire greater speed than others (for example the Token Ring almost not already on the market). Finally, we must mention the increasingly popular and used Wi-Fi. This type of network card allows you to set network without resorting to wire connections by which one can enjoy it at anytime provided that it has the appropriate computer (normally the notebooks are prepared to do so).
The network card is a peripheral communication since its function is simply to connect and communicate different devices at the same time. Each of these cards has a unique 48-bit identification number.
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