What is the Meaning & Definition of Night Vision

The night vision system began to be used initially for military purposes, but as often happens, the technology does not lie in watertight compartments and is transferred.

Today, the night vision system also known as night vision or night view assist, is being used in automobiles and is a system that allows us to see, observe and detect objects (which can be people and animals also) that due to the lighting conditions are impossible to see for the human eye to the naked eye.
It has clear objective the save lives and prevent accidents and there are two types basically: that seen through infrared rays and which runs by thermal radiation, being this last one the most widespread these days, playing the images on a screen (usually located on the Board of elements of the car in front of the driver) that can be captured in a space of up to 300 ° ahead of the vehicle.

People and animals are the elements that will end up with more sharpness and clarity on the screen, representing the points that we should pay greater attention when driving with low lighting conditions, or null.
Today the Mercedes Benz and BMW more expensive of its ranges of Mercedes Benz S-class models already have night vision system while that particularly in the Argentina and the BMW 7 series also have the system. To give us an idea, to buy it as an option on the BMW 7 series, the cost of the system is $4,250.
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