What is the Meaning & Definition of nominal value

The nominal value is one on which emits a title or value, and whose amount is written in it.
As informational value, the nominal is a number contained in a title or action on behalf of the amount that an entity recognizes in particular have received in Exchange for the same. The nominal value can be or not match the effective value or the price of emission, but yes is included as an invariable number in a title value and is considered a virtual or price reference that is assigned by the owner or the natural or legal person who issued it. For the economy, it is a nominal value that appears on the certificate of a certain value of fixed-income, as it can be a bonus or a mortgage, and representing the amount owed at the time of the expiration of the same.
In contrast, therefore, the real value is that recognizes the effect of inflation on the title or action and sets a new cost for the same.
The nominal value can be variable depending on what what is value, but for example, a furniture title is the one to which it was originally issued. In other cases, such as the assessment of an economy in general, a devaluation is the depreciation of the nominal value of the currency of a country against those of other foreign countries. The opposite would be the exchange rate revaluation of the national currency. While the coin in question has a reference value, it is affected by the ups and downs of the economy and is therefore altered positively or negatively.
Other values considered by the economy as the nominal net current the current, the capitalized, compound, accountant, the aftermarket, first class, of fixed income, the net or net worth, the residual or recovery and others.
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