What is the Meaning & Definition of obsessive-compulsive disorder

The human being can be affected by different behaviors that can alter the quality of life of the person. In this article we analyze what is obsessive-compulsive disorder that produces a huge emotional upset. It is a disorder that is conditioned by a series of recurrent and persistent thoughts which are negative and produce feelings unpleasant, in addition to influence in a negative way in the action.

Slave of the problems and insuguridades

The person feels overwhelmed by a series of negative and pessimistic ideas that feel that you cannot control. Another characteristic feature of this disorder is the intensity of thought. These thoughts produce insecurity, fear, anxiety, concern and feeling of loneliness, frustration and unhappiness.

Ways in which the obsessive compulsive disorder manifests

These repetitive thoughts have such intensity that they become obsessions which focus much of the mental care of that person. These obsessions are not fruit of a voluntary choice but ideas that the patient feels that they invade your consciousness and willingness. There are obsessions of different types. For example, obsessions related to a theme of health, obsessions for a cleaning issue, obsessions of aggressive type, for example, fear of hurting another person.
As stated above, the person feels overwhelmed by these repetitive thoughts, in which case, the patient develops its own defense mechanism through behaviors associated with the aim of avoiding those thoughts. However, these repetitive behaviors, far from reducing the problem can reinforce it.

Notable advances in the field

The important thing is to remember that any problem of health at the emotional level is essential to consult the specialist case since fortunately, thanks to scientific progress, it is important to point out that today, the patient can significantly improve their quality of life and better known himself thanks to effective therapies that offer good results.

It can appear at any time of life, impacting on the professional and personal

In relation to the common traits in the patient, it should be pointed out that it is a disorder that can occur at any age. It is a disorder that causes high levels of anxiety because it determines the person's life both in her professional life and their relationships with friends. In addition, it is essential to understand behaviors associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder are mania that has the person. It's a real problem.
Apart from the general diagnosis, it is important to point out that each patient is unique and unrepeatable, therefore, each case is different.
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