What is the Meaning & Definition of owner

The titular Word supports several references, including...
One of the most common uses of the term allows you to designate one who executes a charge, a trade or a profession having the corresponding title to play the same. Mary is the Professor of the Chair systems politicians compared in the fifth year of the school which is attended by my sister.
On the other hand, it is recurring to hear talk of the term incumbent on the scope of the right, since in this way is called to that individual who, at the behest of a document or writing, is listed as the owner, owner or beneficiary of something. My brother is the owner of the property I am not. The new holder of the scholarship will be chosen through a public and open competition.
In the field of journalism, a headline is the name which referred to the title of the news and articles, either in newspapers, magazines, television programs, among others, appearing in uppercase and outstanding. Generally, the holder summarizes briefly the most salient information. The singer Michael Jackson died.
Likewise, the term holder is used to account for the recognition given to an individual by their knowledge, ancestry, or any another curiosity which possess.
In sport, especially in team sports, it is in other contexts in which we also find us with the use of the Word title, since in this way is called the player which is part of the regular crew. Riquelme is the titular hook of the Boca Juniors team.
Also, the action through which is given a name or place him a title to something called is holder. I have to name my latest track.
And on the other hand, a university lecturer, is the name with which is called in the Spanish University system to that teacher who has a completely independent research and education to work in the position held.
To be noted, that these teachers are State officials. They enjoy wide latitude when it comes to the establishment of materials. The prerequisites for access to the office include: doctor, i.e. having approved the thesis and be the Associate Professor.
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