What is the Meaning & Definition of passive worker

There is a concept of 'passive worker' and has its own characteristics in the workplace. Although in many ways it can be confused with a type of worker who has no own-initiative, which does not compromise with his work or does not carry forward strategies of action, the reality is that the concept of passive worker is an administrative concept which is used to designate those persons who remain within the workplace but who do not play in the decisive actions or tasks.
The passive worker may have been designated as such for several reasons. One of the main causes that makes a worker active one passive is that which has to do with health conditions, mainly lack of ability to perform certain tasks as well as the increasingly common work stress that makes a person to suffer anxiety, depression, body alterations and that medical advice, you can not continue at the forefront of its usual task. In other cases, the passive worker may have become such by way of reprisal from upper spaces or for having committed an offense that takes away the option of continuing in his post but that do not recognize it as a worker. This last option is undoubtedly negative since it is a way that a company can have to not be responsible for the dismissal of a worker at the same time, which places him in a space or a demeaning condition.
It is important to note that in the majority of cases the role of the worker liability is certainly libelous since it's a person who for some reason has been deemed unfit to carry out his work normally. On the other hand, the activities that a passive worker can carry out are minimal and therefore working hours becomes very tedious and lacking creativity or challenges. At the same time, it is common for a passive worker also has an own or permanent space that should go rank in the free spaces in chaotic or disorderly manner.
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