What is the Meaning & Definition of phone

Through the end of phone is designated to the telecommunications device designed to transmit acoustic signals through electrical signals, being the main issue that is resolved and with the invention of this device simplifies the geographical distance. I.e. phone made possible communication between people who are remote, and of course from its creation became one of the most outstanding communication modalities that were created to solve this issue.
Importance of the phone
Even today, the phone is still a popular medium hyper when it comes to communicating, even, there are many who refuse to leave in pursuit of new options that bring new technologies.
Phone must be thank you come to improve the theme of communication, it speeded up it, you installed it as the means par excellence to communicate remote.
And also we must thank the incidence that has had in helping us solve and arrange business with persons or companies that do not are close geographically. And not to mention the help which brought so that we can intensify the affective relationships with our loved ones by x being had settled situation somewhere in the distant world to ours.
History and controversy of invention
Surely, many of you as I grew up believing, because so they taught us in school that the inventor of the telephone had been the British scientist Alexander Graham Bell.
However, in 2002, and after a long investigation that found it, it was learned that Bell was actually the first to patent, but in reality the invention is owed to Antonio Meucci, who by an economic impossibility could only present a brief description of his invention but not formalize it before the United States Patent Office made it buried to the ostracism and a background and who knew how to take advantage like no Graham Bell...
As it is talking about evil and soon, Meucci lacked dollars that I will by that time Bell and then could not be responsible for massive and recognized the phone, fact that Yes achievement Bell.
Then, gave to whom all the flowers and laurels went to Bell, although it is never too late say for recognition and this seems to be true.
Towards the end of the 19th century, the telephone was erected as the primary means of communication with which had people to communicate between if in the distance, thanks to a set of devices and conductive systems transmitted to distance the electromagnetic signal sound.
Basic operation and successful technological improvements
Basically, phone it is conformed by two circuits that work always together, the circuit of conversation on the one hand, that it is what is called the analog part circuit of dial-up, which will deal with the dial and the call on the other. Dialing circuit formed by the disk, which when it recedes will trip a switch according to the number of times to dial the digit in question, meanwhile, ringer is connected to the line through a hook, which will act to pick up.
Obviously, since its advent until now are virtually infinite and innumerable different successive improvements which you were printing and introducing the invention to naturally improve the transmission: the carbon microphone, the dialing pulses by means of dial disk, the tone dialling, condenser microphone, the connection of the wireline a central through metallic conductors , DSL or broadband, techniques among many others.
And a separate paragraph deserves the emergence of the mobile or cellular phone that enables us today to bring telephony on your feet, where we move, work at home, from home it's a friend, can further connected by phone with who want to do it.
Meanwhile and in that fabulous open by technology, to mobile phone universe is were adding many more features to the easiest and most recognized of talking on the phone. Today, we can choose from an incredible variety of mobile phones, we can send and receive pictures and files over the phone, we can surf the internet, as if we had a mini computer in hand.
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