What is the Meaning & Definition of poison

The poison is a substance that once it comes into contact with the human body or animal will cause tremendous problems and conditions and even can even lead to death.
Meanwhile, the mentioned substance may occur either in solid, liquid or gaseous, and as we pointed out, a time that he enters the body in question affected by altering the normal operation of some of the most important systems such as the digestive, nervous, or the player by toxicity present in its composition.
Now, poison, can inhibit or you shoot a chemical reaction. While much of substances consumed or supplied in very high doses are able to cause intoxication, in the case of the poison the issue is even more strong and forceful since only minute doses are needed to trigger serious diseases and even lead to death.
It should be noted, moreover, that there is no specific treatment for poisons.
There are different types of venom depending on the origin to present, which may be: animal (is one of the most common that we face since it comes from animal just as it is the case of snakes, scorpions and bees, among others), vegetable (is that which results from trees or plants considered as poisonous, because they have toxic components that, in high doses, prove it (, one of the most popular cases is that of hemlock), mineral (among the most prominent cases sound the arsenic and mercury) and artificial (in this type we are all substances that man produces at the behest of the industry).
And on the other hand, in the colloquial language, the word poison moved the imprint of its meaning to express issues such as for example which is harmful to health or that which triggers a moral damage. Thus when someone drinks alcohol in greatly say that it turns out to be a real poison for your liver, meanwhile, when an individual download all their evil on another from extremely harmful comments and therefore causes you a very strong moral tort, it will be the same to distill poison.
Or to instances of everyday language, the word poison to be rather figurative usage.
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