What is the Meaning & Definition of pride

The attitude that a human being has to life may also condition the happiness of a positive or negative way. There are human attitudes that are a sign of sadness, for example, pride and vainglory.

A personality trapped in his own ego

It's the feelings of a person who has an excess of ego and makes the point of attention in superficial aspects of reality. A person can be a good external to itself, for example, in the applause of the public, the need for admiration and recognition outside their happiness.

Individuals who think that they are superior

When a person commits this error, put their most precious asset in external factors. A person as a consequence of the pride seeks this fame and this notoriety in an extreme way, a feeling that is contrary to humility. A person who has feelings of pride sees itself more important than others. An error that does not commit a humble person who is aware that equality between people is a sign of emotional intelligence.
A common attitude in a person who demonstrates vainglory is boast of its merits to the point of exaggerating them to produce an ideal image to others (and thus also arouse admiration). The person also tends to compare with others giving a very important value to the social appearance. Hence, the pride and envy (feeling of sadness for the good of others), hand may occur occasionally.

A constant search for recognition and exposure

The feeling of pride is very human desire to receive outside recognition, having the applause and receive compliments from the personal point of view, is pleasant. However, there live conditioned by this recognition to the point of turning it into a need, is an important step. A person who suffers vainglory seeks glory, i.e. happiness, however, in the wrong place. It pursues surface assets.
From the religious point of view, the attitude of one who walks away from God and pursues happiness in other more superficial purposes means pride. In this sense, a person who has pride can idealize in excess material goods which, as such, are obsolete and temporary.
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