What is the Meaning & Definition of props

Set of tools and tools used at the request of any activity or occupation

The concept of utility has several uses, on the one hand, as it is referred to as all supplies and tools used at the request of any activity or occupation. And on the other hand, the word is used to refer to the set of objects and elements that are used to create a scenery.

All objects and elements that are used to create a scenery

Without a doubt, the second reference turns out to be the most widespread use of this word in our language and is at the behest of the theatre, cinema and the TV where it is often used to refer to the productions and the elements required in these, and which will appear on scene or foreground, for a film a play or a TV show. A jar, a picture, a table, a set of chairs, a mirror, a lamp, a bed, a Chair, some objects that are often referred to as props.

Relevance in the Mise en scène

The utility has a huge relevance in the Mise en scène of a television, a play or a film program because they help to contextualize and often can be a deadweight in history that relates. Then, along with the costumes of the actors and the scenery, props are cornerstones of any performance art.
Meanwhile, the props, can be real and physical, and consist of common objects of everyday use, such as those noted above, or be created by a professional who is dedicated to this and which is known in the jargon as a roadie.

Utility classes

Staging classifies three kinds of props, the emphatic (encompasses all fundamental objects in the development of the action and have a role per is in history or in the psychology of a character), hand or character (means all objects and elements that the performer manipulates scene) and the scene (are all objects and elements that make up the scenery and which are normally quiescent during any representation).

In sport: items that players used in their training or a tournament

The concept also has use in the flat sporty to nominate all those elements that players use in your training or in a tournament, such as t-shirts, sneakers, shorts, balls, among others. Also popularly known as equipment manager who is in charge of preparing these elements and have them always in condition to be used.
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