What is the Meaning & Definition of Quake

Shake is an action that is considered involuntary, generated by the body spontaneously or as a reflection in certain situations. These situations can generate fear, nerves, anxiety, anxiety or even happiness in people or animals and the body reacts that way. The temblequeo occurs from a small but visible vibration in the body that can become more violent in some cases, but in them would mean some other type of motor disorder. The quake can be associated both to positive as negative, always emotion-laden situations.
One can say that the quake is a fact or a body phenomenon completely organic and not rational since the person can not control or measure the force of his I temblequeo, you can find calm and calm him down but you can not do it immediately, you can even do not manage it and end up suffering it. The temblequeo is made clearly visible in parts of the body such as hands, some of the facial features (like eyes or lips), in the grinding of teeth, on the mobility of extremities of involuntarily, etc.
Normally, the temblequeo is associated with other symptoms or bodily sensations such as palpitations, stomach pain and the urge to vomit, etc. All of them show that the temblequeo appears in a situation of nerves or anxiety which can be positive or negative and that, as stated earlier, is directly related to the emotion. Thus, rationality does not meet anywhere and that's if well mind may help to control the I temblequeo, its complete disappearance depends on pure and only change of circumstance or situation. For example, an animal trembles with fear when a predator threatened it from up close; that temblequeo disappears when the predator no longer presents a danger to have been away.
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