What is the Meaning & Definition of rape

In its most general and broad use, rape refers to action and result of violating. Meanwhile, rape can consist in the violation of a law or precept, the sexual abuse of a person against their will, the revelation of secrets or the desecration of a sacred site.
If it is recurrent use of the term rape in any of the four conditions mentioned in the preceding paragraph, mostly, we use it in the first two cases proposed.
When an individual violates the private property of another, entering his home without the corresponding permission, when it does not fulfill a contractual commitment agreed promptly to comply in a timely manner or when you open mail that is not directed to its name will discuss violation. In each of the examples above, there is a concrete breach of a rule. Meanwhile, most of the laws of the world, include cases such as those mentioned and of course through law, of a specific rule for every situation, they are protected, therefore any breach thereto will be plausible to receive concrete punishment, prison, or economic compensation for having inflicted the rules.
And the other wide application of the term is to refer to mentioned abuse of sexual type suffered by an individual in which it is absolutely undermined their human dignity and their right to freely choose with whom you want to have a sexual relationship. In the majority of cases the rape, i.e. sexual contact between rapist and victim is accompanied by physical and psychological violence, shock, death threats, to achieve the effective subjugation of the victim.
In legal matters, rape, is one of the most serious crimes which may be an individual and then as such is severely punished by global laws.
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