What is the Meaning & Definition of record player

The word turntable is used to refer to one of the earliest forms of music playback. The player, as its name implies is characterized by playing the music that has been printed technological way black pasta disc and rotating allowing the device reader to decode the information and reproduce it in the form of musical sounds. The player is quite similar to the phonograph, the first and oldest forms of musical reproduction, since the structure from which work is the same, changing only the space where the information is located. Players were very popular during the second half of the 20th century until the Decade of the nineties were replaced by cassettes.
A turntable is a relatively small unit of similar size that today have some digital music players. It is considered small in comparison to other appliances that fulfilled the same function (such as the phonograph which had an important speaker or the current home theaters), but large in comparison with the walkman, CD players or current iPods.
The player is based on the reading of information that is printed on a black pasta disc and its reproduction in the form of music. Each disc of these could contain a number of interesting songs but very low if compared with the current playback devices. These discs were always placed on the same side on the surface of the player and then the reader (carefully so as not to scratch them) should be applied on them. The unit decodificaba which read and transformed it into music. Usually players have tended to have a design style rather square, with Brown, gray and silver colors that also make us the times in which they were especially popular.

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