What is the Meaning & Definition of replace

The term replace concerns the placement of a person or thing in the place of another so that you replace it.
Among other issues, a loading vehicle that is damaged by another that best meet load conditions, a person who quit her job on the other so that it performs the same task than what it was and so there is no gap in the operation of the company may be substituted for a player who was injured in the Party on the other which is excellent aerobic conditions, ideas also can replace them with new ones that can cause significant and positive changes in a business, for example.
Likewise, though of course the transition will cost more. You can substitute one cultural identity on the other totally different, an example of this situation is that took place after the discovery of America by the Kingdom of Spain, European culture, gradually and by dint of oppression was replacing the original Aboriginal culture by itself.
Then, as you can see substituting something else it is a daily life issue, but it is also necessary to emphasize that some relationships, especially that of the affections, as a father, a mother, a brother, one son, among others, are irreplaceable, since it is impossible that faced the loss of a father or mother can replace it some things are absolutely irreplaceable.
The substitution reaction is the replacement of some atoms by others in chemistry.
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