What is the Meaning & Definition of return

According to the use that is you of it, the word back, will present various references.
When you return to something, for example, the term is used to the leaf of a book return frequently to refer to the mentioned action. You must return the worksheet of the workbook to find the answers.
Also, the word is often used to account for the change of sense or direction of something or that took a particular situation. John had to come back to the corner, after the unexpected call from his wife.
On the other part, when a person or thing changed in appearance, opinion or of State usually speak in terms of return. John went berserk before the arrival of the new Chief that had a totally different from that of his predecessor work schedule.
Also, action redo a garment so that the wrong side of the fabric is abroad right referred to it again. Return the cuffs of a jacket.
Another very common use that has the word is the refer back to the starting point of someone or something. Around seven in the evening I'm back in my home. If it rains we will have to go back and cancel the day's lunches.
When a situation recurs, return to occur, is often used the word back to refer to it. They returned the criticisms of Mary after a period of calm.
On the other hand, when a speech is interrupted by a question and returns him to retake in the point that had cut off it is said that such or which returned to his speech.
When someone turns their head, torso or the entire body to see what is behind them is often used the expression returned to greet us.
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