What is the Meaning & Definition of revenge

Revenge is an emotional Act that is motivated by the wrath of whom felt humiliated and wants to give back the damage suffered in a conscious manner through a vengeful plan. Revenge is contrary to the forgiveness of who is able to forgive a human act because they know that revenge does not bring anything good in the long run. The person who will come away feeling good about itself after an act of this kind, feel worse. Because the only violence generates violence.
An impulse that must learn to control
The desire for revenge is that impulse arising in the heart in certain situations. For example, when a person is victim of an infidelity you may want to pay the other his mistake in the same coin. However, that initial impulse arising from a feeling so human as the ira should be measured and deliberate with the rational ability of the human being that can be put in its proper context a feeling assessing the consequences of the acts.
While forgiveness is based on the good. On the contrary, the revenge is based on evil. Human happiness always connects with the line of good because the good produced positive effects in the heart immediately in the form of self-esteem, satisfaction, enthusiasm, joy, emotional well-being and peace.
Clear the mind to find inner peace
Revenge is the reflection of resentment because resentment is like a fire that spreads when it feeds through the negative thought. Therefore, to restore peace in a moment of anger, it is important to do something to unwind from what happened and achieve inner peace. For example, sports, take a long stroll down a quiet place in the city, meditation, visualization exercises, chat with a friend outside the conflict about what happened.
The difficulty of managing emotions can cause a serious
It is an act of maturity and emotional intelligence to control impulses through emotional intelligence. While children outgrow their anger with great naturalness in a matter of a while, on the other hand, the adult can be drag by pride and vanity. As Socrates said, it's worse to commit injustice that suffering from it. Therefore, when a person is the victim of a wrongful act should not think to pay with the same currency.
Always prioritize the dialogue, express what we feel and also listen to the other party
The best way to resolve a personal conflict is dialogue and forgiveness which shortens distances on a personal level.
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