What is the Meaning & Definition of room

The rooms that make up a house or an apartment

The term room is frequently used in our language to refer to any quarters belonging to a house or a Department and also use to refer to the bedroom, i.e., many use it to designate the fourth House in which sleep and by case in which is the bed.

Room which sleeps

But besides the bed, which is the fundamental unit and that you can not miss in the room, also people have cabinets that display a key role in that part of our House for rest.

Main components of the room to sleep

Light tables or bedside tables, are small, which are placed next to the bed and furniture which have the mission to organize those belongings that we use when we are in bed and other so many making more comfortable stay, such is the case of a lamp, an alarm clock, one book, among others. They may have shelves, doors and drawers.
Other essential piece of furniture in this room is the armoire or wardrobe, in which ordering and our clothes and accessories available.

Separated by walls and hallways, entry door and communication to the outside through a window

Rooms have a structure and it is separated from the rest of the spaces of the House through corridors and internal walls. Outside separates by external walls. They have a gate which is entered to the same and usually also have a window that overlooks the outside and allows entry of air and light.
To avoid too much light during the day, if you want to rest, is often placed the window curtains or blinds.

Occupation of a place or a House

And we also use the word to account for the occupation of a place or a House. That occupation is perpetrated by people who can do so to pass, i.e., are the owners or tenants of the House in question, or failing that occupy it illegally, entering the same without the permission of their owners.
The latter case is punishable in most of the laws and who occupies a House illegally can be evicted after the completion of a trial for eviction.
This situation has been in crescendo throughout the world, especially in developing countries and deficit in the housing area.
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