What is the Meaning & Definition of sale

The sale is a term in common use in our language, and that tends to be used to refer several questions.
One of the most widespread uses of the term means the transfer of ownership of something, a good material for example, in Exchange for the receipt of a set for disposing of the same value. I.e., put it in simpler words, in this sense, the word implies the action of selling something.
The realization of the action of selling, that carries out someone, and the consequent performance of another that will be the purchase, shall be established in the so-called contract of sale, which is one of contracts more popular in this type of expedient and by which parties, buyer and seller are obligated to sell and purchase as appropriate noting a series of rights and obligations. The amount of money that the buyer pays for the sold thing is known as price.
The sale is one of the most widespread in the world and therefore a of which perform most human beings. We can sell from material things to things that are not tangible. Usually, when we no longer need something or when we change what we consider that it is old or not representing the utility which Yes was once, it is that we usually sell such issues. Thus if a Department of our property was US Boy because the family was expanded, and we need to sell it to buy another larger we will sell it to get the money needed to buy the other.
The above occurs on a personal level, though, sales also are the basis and the reason for most companies, since it is through them that the company obtained incomes that allow them to continue operating.
Also, the word sale is used in Spain to refer to that business that is dedicated to gastronomy and normally sits next to paths or roads. They do not offer the same attention as a self-service but offer a much more personal and traditional staging and sell more local produce.
On the other hand, peddling, is that which is typically carried out in public and not in a particularly conditioned establishment.

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