What is the Meaning & Definition of school violence

Is called school violence to those actions which have a direct harmful intent against any member of the school community, students, teachers, directors, parents, or staff junior and who are also added by any Member who belongs to this and that may occur within the educational institution, which tends to be the most frequent case or in other physical spaces that are associated with the school , such as the surroundings of the same school or those in which extracurricular activities are conducted.
While the most common expression of this is usually occur between the same pair, students who assault among them, there are many cases in which teachers are the objects of attacks and vice versa, clear is.
There are many factors and triggers of this type of behavior, however, the most common include: feeling of exclusion social, lack of limits on behavior, recurrent exposure to violent content that usually have the mass media in which this type of behavior, the easy access to weapons, praises here worth making a break , because although in reality most of the laws of the world there are a significant amount of clauses that they prevent access to them, in the United States, for example, the recent cases of violence in schools such as the Columbine massacre demonstrated how easy that was for those guys to access weapons with which then they massacred their teachers and classmates.
And returning to the list we have the following causes: the imitation of behaviors that highlight the use of violence, for example, that a guy listen regularly to his father in the House boasting about violence or the use of the same and participation in bands or gangs, making use of violence a usual and normal form of behavior in society.
If we analyze broadly the reality current academic institutions and regardless of whether they are located on the first or third world, is really alarming and recurrent violence which occurs in the same the last time and in many cases are due to the situations that we indicated in the previous paragraph.
No doubt the only alternative that remains responsible for education to overcome this growing problem in which any member of this circle is plausible for some version of violence, is to reinforce every day the values of Justice and fraternity, to prevent potential attackers from accumulating reasons for their violence.
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