What is the Meaning & Definition of script

The word script supports various applications... The most widespread use of the term, without a doubt, is the one referring to the text which is exposed, with all the necessary details of the case for the realization, the content of a film, a play, a cartoon or a radio or television program. I.e., in the screenplay, the screenwriter, as referred to who chart, indicating all things needed for the piece in question to its staging, covering both the literary aspects, i.e., speeches, dialogues of the characters involved, as well as technicians, among them: the stage directions, lighting, sound, scenography, among others. The latest film by Woody Allen really has a very poor script, I didn't at all.
Also, a written scheme of a theme that will be exposed, or will develop, for example at the behest of a ceremony, as a tribute to a legendary artist, is called a script. I have fully checked the script that I prepared for the homage of Juan.
On the other hand, at the behest of the grammar, the dash (-), as it symbolizes, is a sign of spelling that is used for different purposes such as: separate two halves of a word at the end of a line, i.e., when the same ends us and does not reach us the space to write the entire word, what remains is written in the blank below and in the line before the end is placed the script; to join two elements of a compound word; and to indicate in the dialogues when talks about each speaker.
On the other hand, the front bird migratory flocks are called scripts. They followed the script in a very orderly manner.
In addition, the term is used to designate the banner or cross that precedes a procession.
It is also a term often used in the maritime field, since it refers to the thinnest part of the oar.
And in music the screenplay was a sign that was formerly used at the end of the staff with a mission to indicate the first note of the next line.
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